19 de mayo de 2013

The Fog

Put you own soul in you pockets, safe it is, swear it to be.
Hide it from the others who want to steal it from thee.
Now in the darkest hours, where no haven can be seen.
May you find your place on Earth before the sky gets blinded by him.

Miss the sun when it's no longer felt, recite your prayers soon.
Before the dark swallows come and the pikes tumble down.
Bethink the beams of light you used to enjoy in other times.
Run away from the fog before it closes the gaps between him and you.

Jump the chasms and the rifts and the holes that he left in you heart.
Don't forgive nor forget, take another look at the scars in your wrists.
Behold the times that are about to come, embrace your rebirth.
Don't close your eyes, don't give up my dear, get up and keep your way.

No longer your blinded by the lies and the voices with which you suffered in pain.
Show yourself to this newborn world and lead this bright parade.
Take your time, know the mankind and maybe we're fine with them.
No matter, I'll be right before you and shall I follow you to the end of the days.

We'll see how world grows in its new form and shall we bring life in peace.
A dream of lives that have go through so much finally let them enjoy their mirth.
With a sun that shines so bright and a moon which imbrues 'em with might.
Free as they are, away from the fog that brought extinction to this land.

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